About Krista (a.k.a. Teacha Pizza)

At 25, I left my wonderful home in New Jersey to explore this crazy world. I was offered an English teaching position just outside of Bangkok. It’s my first time in Asia and I’m determined to travel slowly and thoughtfully, discovering myself and the cultures along the way. I love living an unconventional life; I make sure to never take myself too seriously.

Who is The Curious Compass?

I grew up at the beach in New Jersey, one of three girls who was the typical youngest child: loud, energetic, a little strange, and always wanting to entertain others. I love to cook, I love live music and being outdoors. I also love curling up with some wine and watching movies with my sisters or reading a book at my favorite lunch spot.

During college, I decided to head to the beautiful city of London on a study abroad program and that decision opened up a giant can of wanderlust that I’ve hardly been able to contain since. I came back to NJ to finish up my degree and work for a few years in media production on both the West and East coast.

As the years flew by, I needed to travel like nothing else. But how to do with with little money and more importantly, where would I go? I merged my love for children and traveling and applied for CIEE’s Teach in Thailand 10 month program. I knew hardly anything about Thailand when I first started looking into teaching English overseas, but the beauty and mystery of the culture struck me and soon I was applying to teach English and leave everything “normal” behind. Next thing I knew, I was handing over my one way ticket at the airport to cross the Pacific Ocean to a new life and a whole new career choice.

Where I’m at now:

I currently teach Anuban (kindergarten) at a private Buddhist school just outside of Bangkok; the heart of Southeast Asia. I spend my days playing games and entertaining three to five year old kids, we make each other laugh almost constantly. I find myself saying things my teachers said when I was little, and then sitting in denial that now it’s me who is the teacher. My weekends are either spent exploring Bangkok’s countless markets and busy streets, weaving in an out of motorbike traffic, or traveling to the beautiful islands and temples that Thailand is famous for. I’m in love with my traveling life and I plan on extending the adventure across the globe and making the most with this life I was given.

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  1. Way to go Krista! Stay creative and you can create your dream travel life. I have met many American, English and Australians that have made a life-long career out of teaching in Asia and traveling! Live small, travel BIG! Julie from Passport To Adventure TV.

    • Creating career out of travel is one of my ultimate goals. Speaking of, what an amazing job you have, Julie! It’s very inspiring. Thanks for reading!

    • Being able to work and continue traveling long term is the goal! What an amazing job you have, it’s definitely an inspiration for me. Thanks for reading, Julie!

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