My Bucket List

Oh, the almighty bucket list. You’re either for them or against them. Many people say screw it, life isn’t about crossing things off a list. I can partly agree with that, however lists are usually how things get done for me. Most days I wouldn’t remember the two items on my mental grocery list if I hadn’t written them down and plastered it on my mirror to remind me. Lists are how I organize my brain. Without them, I would be even more all over the place than I already am. I think bucket lists are a positive tool for people who want to visualize their lifetime goals. Writing down an intention helps it come to life, what’s so wrong with that? With that being said, here is my current bucket list:

Adventure/Sport Bucket:

1.)    Helicopter ride

2.)    Scuba diving July 2013

3.)    Sky diving April 2008

4.)    Climb an active volcano

5.)    Fire a gun March 2013

6.)    Trapeze

7.)    Aerial Yoga

8.)    Snowboard

9.)    Camp/white water rafting in the Grand Canyon

10.) Go diving through a shipwreck

11.) Become a dive master

12.) Dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

13.) Spelunking in a cave

14.) Run a 5K

15.) Complete a “rugged” obstacle race

16.) Ride in a hot air balloon

17.) Learn to rock climb

18.) Cliff jump

19.) Polar bear plunge (dressed as Lady Gaga, nonetheless)



USA Bucket:

1.)    Visit all 50 states

2.)    Climb Statue of Liberty

3.)    Drive cross country

4.)    Hike the Appalachian Trail

5.)    Swim in one of the great lakes

6.)    Visit Alaska

7.)    Visit the Florida Keys

8.)    Drive along Route 66

9.)    Grand Canyon

10.) San Francisco Bay Bridge

11.) Hawaii

12.) Empire State Building

13.) Tour of the White House

14.) Burning Man

15.) See a concert in Madison Square Garden

16.) Yellowstone National Park

17.) Yosemite National Park

18.) Disney World and Land

19.) Ride a boat on the Mississippi

20.) Hoover Dam

21.) Party in Las Vegas

22.) See the NYC fireworks over the Hudson River


Monuments/Places Bucket:

1.)    Pyramids of Giza

2.)    Taj Mahal

3.)    Eiffel Tower, Paris

4.)    Notre Dame, Paris

5.)    Big Ben

6.)    Stone Henge

7.)    Colosseum, Rome

8.)    Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa

9.)    Vatican City, Rome

10.) Statue of David, Florence

11.) Canals of Venice

12.) Drink wine in Tuscany, Italy

13.) Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

14.) Watch a sunset from a cliff in Oia, Santorini, Greece

15.) Machu Pichu, Peru

16.) Angkor Wat

17.) Visit Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

18.) Great Wall of China

19.) Acropolis, Athens

20.) Sydney Opera House, Sydney

21.) Forbidden City, Beijing

22.) Kyaiktiyo, Golden Rock Pagoda, Myanmar/Burma

23.) Halong Bay, Vietnam

24.) Aurora Borealis

25.) Swim in natural hot springs

26.) Niagara Falls

27.) Brugge, Belgium

28.) Galapagos Islands

29.) Amazon River

30.) Swim in the Dead Sea and cover myself in mud

31.) Dubai

32.) Gilli Islands, Indonesia

33.) Bali, Indonesia

34.) Mexico

35.) Nepal

36.) Panama Canal

37.) Transylvanian villages and churches, Romania

38.) Germany and all its wonderful cities and towns

39.) Visit hill tribes in Thailand, Vietnam

40.) Visit the North or South Pole

41.) See a glacier

Animal/Wildlife Bucket:

1.)    Whale watching

2.)    Ride a camel in the Sahara

3.)    Swim with dolphins

4.)    Swim with sharks

5.)    Ride an elephant Thailand, May 2013

6.)    See wild elephants Thailand, June 2013

7.)    See wild monkeys 2013

8.)    Go on a wildlife trek in Borneo

9.)    African Safari

10.) Dive with a whale shark

11.) Dive with sea turtles

12.) Dive in the Red Sea!

Personal Bucket:

1.)    Backpack Solo

2.)    Live overseas

3.)    Teach overseas

4.)    Volunteer overseas

5.)    Work on a Hollywood movie

6.)    Start a blog

7.)    Have 1,000 visitors on this site per month

8.)    Open Water Diving Certification

9.)    Advanced Diving Certification

10.) Drink Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

11.) Visit each continent

12.) Visit 100 countries

13.) Full Moon Party, Koh Phangnan, Thailand

14.) Songkran Festival, Thailand

15.) Yoga retreat

16.) Sleep in an igloo and go dog sledding

17.) Learn another language

18.) Run a 5K race

19.) Party at Oktoberfest in Germany

20.) Sleep overnight in a castle (Must do again since I was only 5)

21.) Sleep overnight in a cave

22.) Attend a wedding in a different country

23.) Drive a motorbike

24.) Learn to juggle

25.) Get a traditional bamboo tattoo in Thailand

26.) Stomp grapes and learn to make wine

27.) Participate in a Guinness World Record, NJ Zombie Walk, Asbury Park 2010

28.) Attend Santa Con in NYC

This bucket list will always continue to grow as I learn more about the countless amazing places on our beautiful planet. Making it made me realize I’ve done more than I thought, from seeing many of the famous landmarks in Europe, to scuba diving and sky diving, to being a part of history in breaking a Guinness World record with thousands of fellow zombies right at home in New Jersey.

There is still so much to do, so much to see and experience.  I think they’re fun and positive, even if some of the items may never happen. Here’s to setting positive intentions for yourself; there’s nothing more powerful.

What do you think of bucket lists? Do you have one? What are some items on yours?

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