Daytrippin’: Baeza

A few weeks back, I joined a coworker and his friends on a day trip to nearby city, Baeza (pronounced “Bye-ay-tha” with a strong Spanish lisp). Together with Úbeda, the two cities are on the UNESCO World Heritage list for their well-preserved Italian Renaissance architecture. The streets in the city center are narrow and ancient; it feels like the Lannisters are going to come around the next corner.
We started off by visiting the Cathedral, learning about the history and then climbing the bell tower to see 360 views of Jaen.
After exploring the cathedral, we walked the tiny streets for a bit before settling down at a tapas bar, enjoying the free tapas that only exists in a few parts of Spain (luckily, Jaen is one of them). After downing a few glasses of wine, and waking ourselves back up with coffee, we strolled the city a little more before heading back to Úbeda.