Día de Acción de Gracias (aka Spainsgiving!)

After spending last Thanksgiving in a pizzeria in Bangkok, I wasn’t allowing this year to not be celebrated without the utmost ridiculous amount of home-cooked goodness. Being the only American in my apartment, I organized a Thanksgiving feast for the day after the holiday, on Friday November 28th. Probably the most exciting aspect, besides the idea of pie and stuffing, was that it would be the first Thanksgiving for many of my new friends here. One of my roommates was aghast at the list of food being prepared or brought by guests. I told her, this is a serious holiday. Seriously gluttonous.

It was my first Thanksgiving away from home where I would be cooking most of the food myself. I never realized how much work is put into this day until I was the one orchestrating it all. I think I spent around 15 hours baking and cooking in total by the end of it. Regardless, I really enjoyed it. I loved looking up the recipes and searching the supermercados for ingredients. I planned on cooking my Dad’s stuffed artichokes, vegetarian stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, apple pie, and somehow making cranberry sauce in a cranberry-less land. All in all, I was shocked how GOOD everything turned out. There were zero injuries (although I almost stabbed myself with a dull knife), mishaps, and no broken dishes (a perfection I’m sure I’ll never be able to recreate).


I’d like to say that we spent the entire night eating, but that was just not the case. We ate as much as we could, and hardly made a dent in the amount of food. I was pleased just knowing how many leftovers we would have in our apartment. After digesting a bit, we had a midnight coffee session, and went out to the bar. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Let’s just say that I found myself re-familiarizing myself with some of food around 5 am that morning.


This year I’m very thankful to be sharing one of my traditions with new friends that I’ve made in Spain. And for my family Skyping me from New Jersey and LA. And I’m thankful for apple pie, but that’s a given.

Our Spainsgiving menu del dia:
2 roast chickens and gravy (all thank you to our meat guru, Kristina)
green bean casserole
stuffed sweet potatoes
garlic oven roasted potatoes
stuffed Italian artichokes
cranberry sauce (which I completely forgot to even serve)
Irish Shepard’s pie
Spinach dip
Mac and Cheeeeeese
Salad (had to get something healthy in there)
cookies de Jasmine
Apple Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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